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canUmeet has been desgined in a way that it can schedule meeting for any possible buisness scenario. Here we are going to discuss on How to use canUmeet for interviews!

HR managers never have an easy job. With companies constantly battling for the top talent on the market, it can be a real challenge to maintain efficient HR process. But team canUmeet has taken the responsibility to convert this to a win situation for all interview process.

  • How can canUmeet's One-to-One event help for interviews?

      - The One to One job interview is the most common interview where only the interviewer and the interviewee is present. The format of the interview is conversational with the interviewer driving the agenda in the beginning and the interviewee asking questions towards the end.
      The interviewer here can create a one to one event and share his availability so that interviewee can book a time with interviewer. The best method to share his availability is reaching out candidate through cold mail specifying event link. Another advantageous factor of booking time through the link will be your event is automatically synced to participants connected calendar. Below is an example where we are asking the interviewer to book time with by sharing link and booking time with me. 
  • How can canUmeet's Group event help for interviews?

      - A group interview is different than a one-to-one interview because it is conducted by a whole group of people. Organisations use this type of interview to filter out suitable job applicants and give a notion of what to expect from the interview. For such situations, use canUmeets Group Event feature where all the candidates book their time with panel and get their job auto synced to their calendar. They can also set options to send reminder email or notifications about the event details to each candidate and get process run smoothly.
      As this is a group of people and there is no surety if all people will be using the same calendar. Taking this into account we have provided users with option of connecting to four different type of calendars.
      - Google Calendar
      - iCloud Calendar
      - Office 365 Calendar
      - Outlook Calendar

Book a time now and manage interviews in an excellent way!! :)