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canUmeet has been desgined in a way that it can schedule meeting for any possible scenario that needs scheduling. Here we are going to discuss on How canUmeet is profitable for Hospitals!

Whether you manage a clinic or a big hospital, the challenges faced by patients and the hospital staffs are disconcerting. Every hospital makes sure to have enough staffs available that could help patients duting emergencies, because there is no second chance when it comes to patient life.

canUmeet is best option for these life saving organizations to organize their day to day routine in a very hassle free way.

  • How can canUmeet's One-to-One events help Hospitals? Suppose you are a patient and need to get an appointment from any particular doctor you know who specializes in this field. For a patient, it will be blunder if he has to wait in a long queue for appointments and get his treatment done. In addition, we are not even sure if the doctor is avilable at that particular moment of your visit.
    How about if you book an appointment from home with the same doctor ?? Well its good news for both patients and doctors as canUmeet has a dedicated one-to-one event that can help book appointments just in few clicks. A doctor can create a one-to-one event and can share the link on hospitals website. Through that link, patients can now see doctors availability and book time with him. Another advantageous factor is that these appointments are now synced to their calendar and will get a timely reminder about the event. Now doctors, before visiting the patient get a clear idea of what patients symptomps are and can prepare accordingly.

  • How can canUmeet's Group events help Hospitals? There are always gatherings and seminars held in hospitals for some or the other reasons. Here hospitals can use canUmeets Group event feature and share link with all the attendees. Now attendees can book time with the organizer and participate in the seminars.

  • How can canUmeet's team events help Hospitals? Team event is specific to a organization. Here the organizer adds all their team members to the event. Now when a patient is visiting the shared team event link, he can choose which doctor he wants to make an appointment with and book time according to his availability. Lets say we have a group of Neurosurgeons and their respective head is the organizer. The lead now adds all other neurosurgeons working under him to the event. Now a patient comes in and checks which doctor is available in the first slot and books a time with him. All the bookings are now available on organizers dashboard also on the specific doctors dashboard. As soon as the patient books time with the doctor, both of them get a booking confirmation mail from canUmeet.

So what are you waiting for? Book an event now avoid long queues.