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Higher Educations.

Pursuing higher education theoretically leads to better job prospects, mind expansions, broader career options and obviously higher paying positions which can hand in hand give you balanced and better life. Looking into all the facts stated above, you would like to set things in a way that you dont miss any of the oppurtunities. Let canUmeet help you!! :)

  • Students have a lot to deal with when pursuing higher degree and need constant help from their immediate professors or faculties. Faculties can use one to one event creation feature of canUmeet and set their availability. Now students instead of searching for respective professor can now directly book time according to their availability with professors just by clicking on shared link and save huge time. As soon as student books a time with their professor, both participants receive an email stating Booking has been done and the event gets auto synced to their respective calendars. Professors can share their availability by sharing the link on college dashboard or by providing their link in email signatures.

  • There are always gatherings or workshops held by faculties in a college. Faculties can save huge amount of time here by creating canUmeets Group Event and send an invite to all students to book time for particular event. Every student receives confirmation mail about the event along with the event time, duration, organiser and also the event description. This event is also synced to every students calendar and will get a reminder email as per the settings before the event.

  • Team event is specific to a organization. Here the organizer adds all their team members to the event and each member sets it availability accordingly. If for a particular department, student wants to discuss with a professor in that department. Here the organizer can create canUmeet Team event feature and add all the professors from their department. Now student can click on the shared link and book time with their choice of professor according to professors availability. All the bookings are now available on organizers dashboard also on the specific professor dashboard. As soon as the student books time with the professor, both of them get a booking confirmation mail from canUmeet.

NOTE: All the events can be rescheduled or cancelled from the event confirmation mail itself.

So what are you waiting for? Book an event now save your time. :)