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Founders and Co-Founders.

There are lot to deal with when you become a founder or co-founder of a company. And no matter what you dont want any delay in appointments just through mails and calls.

  • Once your product is completed and is now in marketing phase, founders can use canUmeet one-to-one event creation feature to get their meetings booked for marketing. All that needs to be done is founder shares the event link with concerned person in the email template or through their respective email signatures.

  • As soon as the product is in exit state now and is ready for pitching in-front of their investors, Founders can use canUmeets Group event feature and share the event link to group of investors to book a time. Every individual in the group receives a booking confirmation mail from canUmeet and this event is then auto synced with their calendar.

  • Being a founder, there are certain events that you dont want to share with everyone and would like to keep the event private. Here you can create canUmeet private One to One or Group event feature and share this event link with concerned authority. As this event is private, only the concerned authority with whom you have shared the link can view this event on your dashboard.

  • Every booking confirmation mail is by default powered by canUmeet. There may be scenarios where founders would like to hide powered by canUmeet both on their Dashboard and also in the confirmation mails. CanUmeet has provided users with feature to enable this option and hide powered by canUmeet from all places.

Book a time now and complete your dreams of being a founder. :)