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Financial Services.

Financial services is never an easy job and has to manage many people investing their assets on you. In addition, they also have to manage huge number of employees and take care of all the financial issue being faced.

  • There are lot of emails sending and receiving process taking place within an organization just for booking an appointment with someone which may consume huge amount of time. Financial organizations here can use canUmeet One to One event creation feature and directly book a time with them according to the availability by sharing the event link. Advantageous factor for financial organization will be, they can see all the event descriptions, venue, time and organizer in a single place just on a single click.

  • Within Financial organization, there are always meetings taking place to discuss about the current situation and how to make financial processes more efficient for customers. Here canUmeet Group Event creation can help higher authority in hierarchy to book meetings with group of employees to discuss more about their meetings agenda. Here, organizer needs to create the Group event and share the event link among the employees who need to attend this meeting.

  • As this is a financial organization, event organizer may want to create events that are private only to the employees of this organization or to some people in their hierarchy. Here you can create canUmeet private event feature and share this event link with concerned authority. As this event is private, only the concerned authority with whom you have shared the link can view this event on your dashboard.

  • Financial meetings can be way too lengthy. You can specify break time within the events created and prepare for the next session.

  • Suppose there is a new product launch at your organization and now your client wants to know more about this product. Here the Financial organization can create canUmeet Team event and add group of people knowing about this product. Further the organizer needs to share this team event link with their clients to book time with them for product exploration. Client can now access this link and see the availability of all the team members and can book a time with person of their choice according to the availability.

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