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How to Book Time with me

The CanUmeet Application provides you with a flexibility to integrate your appointments or booking on Google Calendar, Outlook , Office 365 and iCloud Calendar .

This knowledge base focuses totally on how to book a time in your Calendar and later how to book yourself for some event. So, lets start finding you a time in my Calendar for some particular event. :)

Lets start with assumption that you have my public page link and want to book a time with me. Once you access my public page link, what you see on your screen is my public page and the list of events that I have created whose availability I am sharing.

  • Select event from the list of event for which you wanted to book time. Lets say I am selecting event "Interview" , click on it.


  • You will now be redirected to the Scheduling page, which displays event name, event description, event duration and also the location of selected event.

  • From the screenshot below, we can see that I am available on all the weekdays and weekends. If there is an unavailability for a particular day, on the right side of that particular day, it will be showing as Unavailable. Note: If you want to change your availability you can do so by editing your event from the events page.

  • Lets book a time on Friday . Moving forward, take your mouse over to the selected day and click on it.


  • A window pops up which provides you a list of time slots available according to your availability. Lets select a slot 01:20 PM - 03:43 PM .


  • We are here on the final step, where you enter full name and email address. Finally click on Schedule Event button.


  • CanUMeet currently has four calendar integrations.

    • Google Calendar
    • Outlook Calendar
    • Office 365 Calendar
    • iCloud Calendar
  • Choose any of the calendar integration option and save your event.


And Its's done!! Congratulations.

Now there may be a possibility that from the list of suggested times, you don't find any suitable time. Don't worry about that at all then!!

  • Once you are on the page where you are selecting your time slots, on the bottom corner of your window there will be a Suggest another time button. Click on the button.

  • You will be now seeing a list of options that is needed to be filled.

    • Timezone
    • Suitable time slot
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • A short Message describing possible slot
  • Once filled with all the details, click on Send Message button.

Suggest Another Time

Done!! Congratulations again!! :)

If you have any queries or suggestion regarding this features, please feel free to contact us at !!! We would love to help you and implement your suggestions if any.