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How to change your username

When you register at canUmeet, your account is associated with a username. There may be cases where you have typed your username wrongly and now want to change it.

This knowledge base totally focuses on how to change your username at canUmeet.

  • Once you are completed with your login and signup process, you are now on the dashboard page of canUmeet.

  • When you are not sure of what username have you kept for your account your can check by clicking on the public page link. Here my public page link is Here acme123 is my username.


  • To change your username, on the top right corner of your homepage, click on profile picture where you can find group of settings.

  • Click on Account Settings.


  • A pop up window shows up where you can find settings option for either profile or Public page:

    • General Settings
    • Password
    • Image/Logo
    • Timezone
    • Click on ‘General Settings’


  • Moving forward, you are now provided with section Your canUmeet web address link. Here we want to change user name to acmejohn123 or any username you want of your choice and finally click on Update Profile.


  • You will get a notification on top stating your profile has been updated successfully. Great work user!! :)

  • To check if username has been succesfully updated, click on the View public page link on your dashboard page of canUmeet. You can see that the username part of your link has been updated succesfully.


If you have any queriees or suggestions regarding this feature, please feel free to contact us at