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Active Campaign Integration

Team canUmeet is happy to announce its ActiveCampaign integration onboard. Now users can connect their canUmeet account with ActiveCampaign and directly import their contacts into AC account.

To begin with, you must be a registered user in ActiveCampaign.

  • Once you login to your canUmeet account, you are redirected to dashboard page of canUmeet account.

  • On the dasboard, towards left side of screen you can see INTEGRATION tab. Click on that tab.

  • You are now provided with Payment, Calendar and Other Integrations. Click on the Other Integration tab where you are provided options to connect with ActiveCampaign account. AC1

  • Click on connect button under ActiveCampaign division. AC2

  • A new window pops up where you are asked for AccountURL and APIKey. AC3

  • For AccountURL and APIKey, login to your ActiveCampaign account and click on profile picture placed towards top right corner of the screen.

  • A drop down menu appears, select MySettings from this menu and click on it. AC4

  • Now, select Developer option from the Settings menu and click on it. AC5

  • You can now see API access section where you can find your ActiveCampain URL and APIKey. AC6

  • Copy and paste these details to canUmeet page where you were asked to enter URL and API key. AC7

  • Finally click on Connect button to link your ActiveCampaign account with canUmeet.

Now, whenever someone books time with you on canUmeet, that contact is directly updated in your ActiveCampaign contact list for further usage. To know more on how to book time, please click here.

For better insights, please take a look on the video placed at top of this webpage.

If there are any queries or suggestions regarding this feature, please feel free to contact us at