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Team Event Creation

If you own a business or run classes , you probably juggle dozens of tasks each day just to keep it running. With so many responsibilities, a pen-and-paper to-do list just won't cut it. CanUMeet is a personal digital assistant for your schedules and appointment bookings. With CanUMeet scheduling website booking appointments with your clients and customer doesn't have to be a never-ending time slurp anymore. Let your clients view your real-time availability, select the date and time that works best for them, pay in advance via Stripe or Paypal, and even cancel or reschedule booked events/appointments all on their own--just on some clicks.

Creating events is the core functionality of canUmeet website. This knowledge base concentrates on how to create a Team event. Once you are completed with signup and login process, you will be redirected to the landing page which is DASHBOARD. If you want to schedule a Webinar, online classes or Online services events or Interview, CanUMeet Team event creation is what you are looking for. On the top right corner of your website is a red color button named "CREATE NEW EVENT" which helps you book your appointments. Team Event

  • Click on create new event button
  • Select Team event creation. Team Event

The very next step is to fill event details. Before that if you aren't registered, create a new organisation. Team Event

You will now be provided with set of options where organisation details are need to be filled up.

  • This is the Organisation Details Page where you need to enter the organisation name, URL and a short description of organisation. Team Event

  • Next step is to upload your organisation logo. If you plan to do it later, you can click on SKIP button below. Team Event

  • Next step is to add the team members to organisation. You can see an email box having add button in which you will have to enter the email ids of person you want to join the organisation and click on add.

  • Once all the team members are added, click on Update and Continue for these changes to take effect.

Team Event

  • Once you have clicked on Update and continue, all the invited team members will be receving an email asking them to Join Team. Here John Acme has invited Chandra Bhushan to join his Organisation. Team Event

  • And congrats, your organisation has been created successfully. Click on OK button now. Team Event

  • Lets create an event now under the organisation created!

  • Select you organization from the list of organizations already created.
  • Enter your event name. This is the first thing that a user notices about you, so choose your event name precisely.
  • Specify the durations of your event that gives a precise notion on how long this event is going to take place.
  • In the description box, give a brief explanation of what this event is about. This brief explanation gives a clear idea of current appointment to the user you are sharing your availability with.

Team Event

  • Moving forward, choose your event color by clicking on the color options provided to you. This feature helps users to distinguish between your events very easily. Also what color you are choosing for your event will be reflected on the event page.
  • Event Link is same if called your links to event page. This event link is what you will share with your invitees. CanuMeet advises you to let this event link part remain untouched for easier accessibility. Team Event

  • You can now see a list of people you added while creating your organization. The very next step now is to set the availability of team members which can be done by click on the individual name. Team Event

  • You can also edit your availability. If you want this event to occur every single or alternate days, canUmeet helps you to do so. To edit your events, click on edit button. Team Event

A list of options pops up in a new window to edit your availability. Recurring at fixed intervals:

  • If you want this event to recur periodically, select 'Recurring at fixed intervals'.
  • Specify frequency of how often to drop a start time between 9:00 AM and 5:00 AM.
  • If you want to add more intervals, click on Add One More Interval.
  • In the end, you can also choose days you want this edited event to take place. You just have to choose particular days suitable for you.
  • Click on Done. If you want to cancel the changes made above, you can do so by clicking on cancel button.

Team Event

Single Time Event

  • Select the single time event option.
  • Enter start times. If you want to add more start times, you can do so by clicking on Add More Start Times.
  • In the end, you can also choose days you want this edited event to take place. You just have to choose particular days suitable for you.
  • Click on Done. If you want to cancel the changes made above, you can do so by clicking on cancel button.

Team Event

CanUMeet gives you the flexibility to set your events longevity.

  • If you want this event to be a never ending repititive event, click on Repitition never ends.
  • If you want this event to occur everyday till a specific date, click on Till Date and specify it.
  • If you want this event to happen regularly between particular dates, click on From Date and To Date options and specify the suited date.

Team Event

You are now provided with set of Advanced Options. To know more about this, we strongly recommend you to visit this link

  • Click on save button and its's done! Congrats on setting your first Team event.

  • Now on the dashboard you can see that under Team Event section we have created an event name Tue and you can also see the members added which are John Acme and Chandra Bhushan Singh. Team Event

  • Once this team event link is shared with individuals for access to team event page, they can now see the page below which contains all the event descriptions and the members added to that particular organization availiable for time booking. Team Event

  • The invitee can select any team member from the organization to book time. Supposedly user now wants to book time with John Acme, click on it. Team Event

  • You will now be taken to the availability page of John Acme. This availability is set during the team event creation for each particular member and can be edited from the dashboard if needed.

  • Choose the available days now and click on it.

Team Event

  • You are now on the time slot page for which John Acme is available for appointment. Lets say, we select a slot for 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM and click on it. Team Event

  • Now the final step is to enter the name and email address where you want to get notifications about this event and Click on Schedule Event Team Event

And Its done!! Congrats. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at ! We will be more than happy to help you!