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Meeting Location

How helpful will it be for users if users can see the location of their appointments or booked meetings just after few clicks ? Isn't that great?? canUmeet has exclusive location text field which contains details of the event venue or where this particular event is scheduled to take place.

Your meeting location can be viewed from two different methods

-  Either through event link on your public page or
-  From the confirmation mail that your invitee receives.
  • Lets first see on how to see event location through your canUmeet public page.

    • Here you can see public page link which has some events already booked. Now when we share our public link to invitees, they can see all events scheduled here for booking on public page. Depending on which event the invitee wants to book time, choose and click on that. Lets select the event with name Interview.

      Meeting Select

    • Here we can see all the event descriptions here that includes event location also which is Trafalgar Square.

      Meeting Location

    This covers the case if the organizer has shared its public page link only! .

    • In second scenario where organizer is sharing their event link itself for booking time with the invitee. The event link is different from the public page link. As mentioned previously, here too we can see event location specified Trafalgar Square.

      Meeting Second Location

  • Moving forward, how to check event location through the Confirmation mail. canUmeet sends both organizer and invitee an event booking confirmation mail that contains the event location. As we can see here my Event location as Trafalgar Square !

Confirmation Mail

Hope this article was helpful to you in all possible ways. If you have any queries regarding above explanation, please feel free to contact us at !!