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One to one event overview

You can create different types of events using canUmeet, the default event is a one-to-one event which enables your customers to book slots with you and your time is shown as booked as soon as any single user books the time slot successfully. In other words a only a single user can book a slot. Meetings and appointments can be scheduled using a one-to-one event. A few scenarios below can help you identifying whether your event is a one-to-one event.

Scenario Explanation
Joe, a guitarist, wants to enable his students to book 30 minute skype demo sessions every sunday between 5:00PM to 9:00PM. He wants only a single student for one session because he wants to explain the tutoring process properly. This would be a one to one event because Joe wants a single student to book a single slot.
Dr. Walker, wants his patients to book half an hour appointments every week day between 9:00AM and 5:00PM. Since he would only be consulting a single patient one time, this is a one to one event.
Annie is an entrepreneur and has developed an ERP software. She wants to make sure that any customers who are facing issues in using her software can book Skype appointments for resolution directly. Since Annie would want to resolve each customer’s query individually, this would be one to one event.

To see how to create a one to one event visit this page (link).