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Group Event Overview

We suggest you read one-to-one event overview ( link) to understand if it matches your requirements. There can be instances where you would want more than one customers to book for a single time slot. The Group Event feature allows you to create an event where a single slot can be booked by a specified number of people before they are shown as ‘Unavailable’ on your public page. Group tutoring sessions, parties, theatrical shows and similar can be scheduled using Group Events. A few scenarios below can help you identifying whether your event is a group event.

Scenario Explanation
Joe is a professional guitarist, he wants to organize his guitar classes and ask all his old & new students to book online. Each session is one hour long and can have a maximum of 5 students together. Since Joe wants a maximum of 5 students to book together, he can create a Group Event.
Dr. Walker is holding a tutoring session on Hygiene and wants to invite all his patients. He has booked a lecture room for 3 hours with maximum seating capacity of 100. Dr. Walker can create a group event with maximum as 100.
Annie is an entrepreneur and wants to organize weekly webinars for her software. She thinks 50 attendees would be enough for one session and would like to have a one hour session on every Thursday. Since the webinar can have 50 attendees, Annie can create a Group Event with capacity as 50