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Create Your Private Event

Making an event private at canUmeet help users to hide particular event from canUmeet's events dashboard. All Invitees who access your canUmeet link to book time with you wont be able to see events that are Private.

Lets guide you through some steps on how to create a PRIVATE EVENT.

  • Once you are completed with signup and login process, you will be redirected to the landing page which is DASHBOARD. On the top right corner of your website is a red color button named CREATE NEW EVENT which helps you to select the type of event and create them.

  • Click on Create New Event button.


  • Select the type of event you want to create. Let's say we create a private One-to-One event here.

  • Here you can see Event Basic Information heading which by default is marked as Public, which means the event you create will now be visible to every invitee on the event dashboard.


  • Click on the toggle button to change Event Basic Information to PRIVATE, which means only those invitees can book time with you with whom you have shared this particular event.


  • Next step will be to fill up event details as advised here

Congratulations! Your private event is successfully created.

Hope you like this feature! If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this feature, please feel free to contact us at !!