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Icloud Calendar

When you think of a calendar, what comes to your mind? One thing is for sure, calendars help us to get an understanding of what is coming in the days, weeks, and months ahead; and also how crucial they are to our everyday existence! CanUMeet sole motive is to remove the pain of scheduling that any individual faces while scheduling appointment. One of its feature is that now connect your canUmeet account to your Calendar and never miss your booked events.

This knowledge base totally focus on how to connect your CanUMeet account and iCloud Calendar.

  • Once you are completed with the signup and login process, we are now on the DASHBOARD page. Just to make sure that we are on the same page, refer to the screenshot below. Now, on the middle left side on the Dashboard Page we can see an Integration tab. Click on that.


  • You are now viewing the CanUMeet's integration page. In the integration column, we can see three types of integration which are:
    • Payment Apps
    • Calendar Apps
    • Other Apps
  • Select Calendar Apps from the list and click on it. This is the Calendar Integration page where you connect your CanUMeet account with your favorite Calendar app.


  • You are now looking at the calendar integrations that CanUMeet provides. Select iCloud Calendar from the list of calendar integrations provided and click on blue color CONNECT button.


  • Enter your apple id and password, click on Connect.


  • Once connected, you can see all the list of calendars you have created in your iCloud account. Select the calendar you want to sync your booked events and finally click on the SAVE button. Now, all the events you have booked in your canUmeet account will be auto synced to your iCloud Calendar.


Here we can see two options which are

  • Check calendar for conflict: It will be a blunder if you get more than one meeting scheduled at same time on same date. To overcome that blunder, CanUMeet has introduced conflict checking mechanism. Conflict checking is one of the most exciting features at CanUMeet. Once you are connected to your iCloud Calendar, others can see only the time in which you are available and free for the event. You can now select calendars from list of calendars section under conflict checking. CanUMeet strongly recommends you to tick all the calendars available to prevent double bookings. Here I am selecting P4P calendar, some calendar and more for conflict checking.


Lets take an example to explain how Conflict checking mechanism at canUmeet works. Here we can see in first screenshot I have events booked at 1PM-2PM and 4PM-5PM.


Now when some individual is trying to book a time with me, in the time selection slot, these time wont be available for booking bringing conflict checking into the scene. Please look into the below screenshot.


  • Add New Events to Calendar: Lets assume that you have a number of calendars created in your apple account and want to save your booked events to different calendars. If you enable this option you will now be able to choose the calendar on which you want to save your events. Here in the image below we can see all my events is getting synced in notification calendar.


  • Congratulations!! You have successfully connected your iCloud calendar to your canUmeet account. Once connected, you can now see disconnect sign on your calendar apps. Now at any point of time, if you want to change the settings you previously created for iCal or you would like to disconnect your canUmeet and iCal, you can do so by clicking on the Setting and Disconnect button respectively. OutlookConnect

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