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Changing your Timezone

Time zones were developed when it became necessary for people to be able to have things happen on time which is a very important aspect in professional world. CanUMeet not only helps users book events but also helps in booking your events on time. So, please make sure you set the correct time zone in order to enable the application to correctly book international appointments.

Lets introduce you to some points which helps in setting your Timezone:

  • Start by logging in to canUmeet.
  • When on your dashboard, click on your display picture on the upper right corner of your dashboard.
  • A drop down menu appears, click on ‘Account Settings’. Password Change Setting
  • When you click on settings, a pop-up window opens showing various options Password Change Setting
  • Click on ‘Timezone’.
  • Select your desired time zone from the list and click on “Update Profile” Change Timezone

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